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The Washington State Vietnam Memorial is a dedication to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. for all Vietnam Veterans and Families of all Vietnam Veterans. The Vietnam Memorial was placed here in 1994 and has been sponsored by the same author. Includes a completely searchable engine

In Remembrance Of Those That Gave


This page is dedicated to those of us that never came home,

those of us that did, and those of us that are still trying to find our way.


We cannot forget that of the 58,169 Americans

that never came home there were 120,000 +

that did - who will never be the same....

  • Names according to Service
    * Army            * Navy
    * Air Force       * Marines

  • Names according to Last Name

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      Women who served in Vietnam

      TheWall OnLine © has been a long awaited project of mine. It has also been a very emotional, very moving project. I see the names, I remember my time, I remember my Bro's. I take no personal credit for this page.It is not my name listed here.

      completion date: 11/22/94